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Huis ten Bosch


Huis ten Bosch

Huis ten Bosch is the name of a theme park in Japan, in which a true replica of a Dutch town with all kinds of Dutch buildings has been made.

One of the buildings that have been recreated is Huis ten Bosch Palace. The replica houses a museum for Japanese and international artists. Because Queen Beatrix did not allow the interior of the original palace to be copied, the replica was embellished by a team of painters led by Rob Scholte.


I was one of his assistants and worked on the project in 1993 and 1995.

Here below some impressions of the work in progress in the time I worked there.


Huis ten Bosch is an idea from Yoshikuni Kamichika. In 1979 he visited Europe for the first time, also visiting the Netherlands. During the visit to the Netherlands, he was impressed by the Dutch experience with the reclamation of water. He was looking for a unique attraction for the surroundings of Omura Bay, a beautiful area in Japan that attracted few tourists until then. Thinking of the age-old Dutch-Japanese trade relations, in which the Dutch had built a village on a small island just outside Nagasaki, he decided to build a modern variant of Dejima in Japan in which Dutch city planning was combined with Japanese technology.


In 1983 the first part of his wish came true. He had a small village built near Nagasaki, which he called Nagasaki Holland Village.


The construction of Huis ten Bosch began in October 1988. Yoshikuni Kamichika had more than 6 kilometers of canals dig, and more than 400,000 trees and 300,000 flowers planted. He also had replicas of famous Dutch buildings built. To make these buildings look as real as possible, the bricks were imported from the Netherlands.


Furthermore, the classification is different for safety reasons. The location is regularly used for wedding ceremonies. The garden of the Japanese replica is based on a rejected plan that was actually intended for the original. This contains a large number of images of gods from Greek mythology.


Huis ten Bosch opened on 25 March 1992. The construction had cost 2½ billion dollars. A lot of money was spent on measures to protect nature as much as possible.


For about eleven years, a small branch of Leiden University was housed in the Huis ten Bosch building, where Dutch students of Japanology were invited at the invitation of the theme park. This project has been stopped due to financial problems.


The Huistenbos ( ) is a train in Japan that runs between Hakata station in Fukuoka, and Huistenbos station at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki.